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On the 30th of July Arnold Shwarznegger openned museum.

The general information is here.

This is the video on Youtube about Shwarznegger.

Museum is openned in Austria.

“The Arnold Schwarzenegger museum has now opened in Austria, where visitors can see Arnie as the Terminator and the actor’s old bed”.

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Becoming acquainted with Avi!

I want to introduce to you one of my classmates, Avi Gelfond. The thing about Avi is his charisma and the fact that he loves “Mother”! – you’ll undrstand what I mean after watching the following video. Enjoy!

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“The story of the impossible”

I have been staying in London for three weeks. So.. what can I say about it? It is the best place I’ve ever been to. At first it seemed to me that it is the worst summer in my life as this never-ending rain was expected to be endless. While I was looking through sun tanned pictures of my friends on Facebook I was thinking of sunny beaches and swimming in the sea. But eventually I realised that rain and clouds add some charm to London. Now it’s impossible for me to imagine hot burning summer here. It’s like a fresh drink in the middle of the desert. While it’s over thirty in Moscow here is  the fresh heaven.

Pleasant moment of living in London:

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‘Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way’

Helpmann Awards winner is announced at the Sydney Opera House on Monday night. Musical Mary Poppins took the lead in eight of twelve categories. Matt Lee and Verity Hunt-Ballard – favourites of the show – also won the prizes.

(c) but when it comes to other things…Im not the best I can be. The kids in Mary Poppins are so lucky, they should neva take it 4 granted
August 2, 2011

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Fairy-tale of the XXI century

Have you ever been to St.-Petersbourgh? It’s an amazing city! One of my favourite places in the world! But now I’m in London and it is very interesting to compare russian and british palaces. I suppose that the main palace of England is the place where queen lives – Buckingham palace. If you go down Buckingham Palace road from Victoria Station you will see impressive gates which greet you with golden thimblesof fence. It is easily to get there from Victoria station:

This majestic palace has been simply Buckingham house untill 1837. And it was impossible to imagine that it would be the main palace of kings and queens. It  boggles the imagination with it’s size, materials, views from the windows, its gardens and main gates. Each part of this arcрitectural ensemble reflects the power and majesty of its possessors.

The history of Buckingham palace goes back to the XIII century. At first it was just Buckingham House untill George III bought it.

Now it is one of the main attractions for tourists. Every year more than 70 000 people visit this place and wonder by its indescribable splendour.

Everything begins in the long corridor where you have to be checked. Then you take your own audioguide and the unforgettable journey begins.

“Huge! Charming! So chic!” – Ksusha and Olya splitted with delight! – And we moved further.

From very small Guard room through great Ballroom to Marble Hall to the very end. You meet with Karl I in East Gallery. This huge painting makes a great impression on every visitor. Since the very beginning you keep in touch with the members of royal family. In this gallery you can also see masterpieses of different paintors. Every room reflects its aim. From the East Gallery you get into a fairy-tale: Faberge. During summer exhibition at Buckingham palace all the royal collection of Faberje can be seen by every visitor.

You appear in the dark room with amazing unique knickknacks. You can see tiny animals of different shapes and materials. “This is a famous russian courtier jeweller” – father explained to his small son. I felt myself proud of my motherland Russia and its famous talented people.

Oh! What is it? Tiny elephant with jockey is moving its legs and going somewhere swagging! It’s so amazing! Beauliful casket! Exotic aimals, photo-frames… And of course world-famous Faberge eggs! By the way, they have connection with russian Easter tradition. Every rusian family paint eggs with colorful pigments and present them each other. Faberge created these precious eggs specially for Easter. All the pieses of royal collection are terrific. They are sparkling like millions of empyrial stars of our huge universe. When I saw them I was really proud of Russia – my motherland.

But let’s move to the next halls and rooms. Now you can keep in touch with wedding ceremony. In the middle of the Ballroom under the light fog the unique ivory white dress appears. You can watch the video about how it was done sitting near the two screens. And then you can come closer and enjoy with its beauty. I don’t have enough words to describe this dress. The best way is to see it with your own eyes. It consists from parts of different fabriques. The basic fabrique of the dress is feeling sateen and lace silk. Every detail was carefully elaborated and fabricated. The light traditional arabesques were seamlessly interlaced in the wedding dress.

Duchess Katherine was involved in every part of the process. Sara Burton who works for McQueen – the chief designer in this ceremony – created something very British. It must be very related to Britain because this event is a part of country’s history. This was the wedding of the future king and queen. So it is an epochal moment which involved attention of the whole world. While being in this hall you can just relish the romantic atmosphere, handcraft lace traditional flowers on the dress – thistle, rose, daffodil, and toilsome work of tailors who created each peace of the dress by hand.

By the way in the hall that leads from the Dancing hall to the next apartment you can look and remeber the moments of the royal wedding on the skreen. “She was absolutely perfect” – one woman in nice dress told me when we were looking at the screen. I don’t know who she is. But she wanted to take into confidence with someone. I like tha way people love royal family. It’s so “britishly”.

You can also have a look at some photos. One of them is really funny, because duke and dutchess are casually sitting on the stairs surrounded by small pages and braidsmades. The description can be endless. So many tiny things catch an attention. I think that the palace is a mystery. You should live there if you want to explore all the details.

– Every part of the exhibition is so thoughtful! I can’t say what was wrong. It’s impossible to be critical because everything is perfect!

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South bank – the first experience – Do you know something about russian politics?

I visited South bank. I had a task to interview some people. I asked them about Russian President and Prime Minister and if they know something about Russian politics. I can’t say that I am confident about this sphere but I want to know how British people treat Russia. It is a worrying question for me as I love my motherland, but I know the fact that it is steel treated as survivals of Stalinism. My video doesn’t answer on these questions because to make such a serious film I should have a lot more time and research. But I got a nice and funny video. And I’m pleased to know that most of examined people know the names of Russian leadrs.


I’d like to ask people about russian President and Prime Minister. It is interesting if they know something about Russia: 

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Richard James – Rohan Daft

Richard James

Deep blue jeans. Brown boots. iPhone and yellow book. Blue shirt and colorful brown socks by Richard James. Calm mellow voice, green eyes. This fourty eight years old stylish man was sitting on the desk with crossed legs. “I could afford these clothes if I wanted, but I have my tailor”. It was Rohan Daft – the blogger for Richard James.

– Where did you study journalism?

– “I didn’t study journalism. But my first work was in The Evening Standard. The gossip, – said the man who was sitting on the first desk during our classes.”.

– Column of gossip? Really? It is the work where you can have some problems with people…?

– “Well, yes. People sometimes felt offended. I was beaten once. Threatened once”.

It was rather strange for me: such an intelligent person and gossip… Now after speaking to him for nearly an hour I can stand it. Moreover I like it. It is the great experience for journalists and I think in general for everyone.

– “My first work was really interesting. I listened to different stories, talked to people and wrote articles. Human interest – the most important, – he told me with confidence. – Now I am doing the blog for the boutique Richard James”.

– How did you find this work? Or, maybe, the work found you?

– “Both. I knew some people from this shop and we both needed each other”.

It is great when you can find your proper place. This occupation is really suitable for Rohan. He is interested in fashion, has a lot of writing skills, a lot of practice. He is very self-confident and strong-willed. Maybe I had too little time to catch everything. But this is my first impression.

– Oh, is it the only job you have at the moment?

– “Yes, but I have written a book “Menu del Dia”. It is devoted to spanish food. And now I’m working on another one”.

– Do you know Spanish?

– “Yes. This book is in spanish. I also did some writing in Spain. I worked there as a freelancer for 5 or 6 years”.

Now this man is an editor  for the blog Richard James. His usual day starts at 10 when he visits botique. He look for something new and interesting. Checks the Email. Create some new posts, add photos. Some of them he makes himself but sometimes it is essential to employ professional photographers and studio. Many readers look through this blog. And as it is widely known eye-catching material is the first thing to be noticed. It catches the attention of everyone. So later on he can look through newspapers and magazines but prefers on-line media. Among favourite there are The Guardian, Observer, GQ, Esquire. He always buys Sunday Times.

Sometimes in the morning or in the evening he listens to the music: “I prefer classical music. Chopin, Scryabin, Shumanovskii…”

He speaks two languages, but his grandmother knew seven. His food preferences are a bit unusual.

– “Well, when I’m in Spain I prefer gaspaccio. And in cold weather I like vodka and herring”. – Maybe love for traditional russian thing lays in his genetics. He has connection with Russia or USSR for instance. His mother was russian. And in his appearence we can find something common for russian people – he has dark hair, green eyes, light skin.

“Ya ne govoru po-rysski’ – said he with bright smile. – I don’t speak Russian.

Coming back to his usual day it is nessessary to mention that it finishes sometimes somewhere. He likes wine, but doesn’t smoke. Maybe, only sometimes: “I smoke when I drink. But I don’t drink”.

This person made a great impression on me. He is very confident and strong-willed. I like the way he talks, his style. I think he feels himself like fish in water working for the blog. He likes writing, he likes fashion. It is not just journalism, I suppose, – this is the lifestyle. He has had his own tailor from eighteen. He still remember his first suit. But shopping is also his sphere – he likes American Aparel and Uni Qlo. I think he knows what he is doing and knows what he wants. He has his style in every thing.

– Which brand of telephone do you prefere?

– “I like iPhone. I have iPhone”.

– Are you driver?

– “What?”

– The driver.

– He smiled and wondered: “Why? I can get a taxi”.

It was unusual for me because in Russia people often has their drivers. Taxis are not really widely spread. So our conversation came to an end. He is a very busy person. Thanx him for very inormative and pleasent dialogue.

– “Good bye and have a nice day”.

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